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Kentucky Route Zero Free Download !!EXCLUSIVE!! (Act I-V)

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Kentucky Route Zero Free Download (Act I-V)

Download Zip:

The Entertainment is a seperate game available for free download, as well as a paperback script available for purchase. It is two previously seperate plays made for performance together; one about a bar, the other a pantomime about a drunken bar patron.

Kentucky Route Zero had an extremely lengthy development period. It was launched as a Kickstarter project in 2011 with the first act being released in January 2013. The next three acts were released roughly a year apart although the wait between the fourth and fifth acts was a long one, with the game finally being completed in mid 2020. All five acts, along with the five postludes released as free downloads, were made available for PC (PC Edition) and consoles (TV Edition) later the same year.

KRZ is very much an indie-game and is the work of a team of just three people. Its appealing art style and unusual narrative have won it widespread and continued critical praise, with individual episodes receiving GotY awards and the game overall featuring in a number of game-of-the-decade lists. This article from Wired is a fairly typical example of the gushing praise heaped upon KRZ over the course of its inception: -route-zero-5/

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