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Where To Buy Storage Cubes

The cubes come with plastic clips to fasten the individual grids together. If you find these aren't doing the job or are difficult to clip together then use cable ties (electrical ties) instead. You can buy ties in various colours so you can match them to your cage. If you expect to take your rabbit cage apart regularly then buy reusable cable ties, they are a little extra but make taking the cubes apart and putting them together again much easier!

where to buy storage cubes

A second (or third) floor is a great way to give your rabbit more space without covering your whole room in cubes. Small shelves can be made by attaching grids horizontally with cable ties. Larger shelves may need extra support (particularly for heavier rabbits). To add support thread a length of wood through one of the grid squares from one side of the cage to the other and rest the shelf on this. You may need to replace the wood supports now and then if your rabbit chews on it. You can make wooden shelves to rest on the supports if you prefer these to using the grids. 041b061a72


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