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Buy Sauna Heater EXCLUSIVE

The first thing to bear in mind when deciding which sauna heater to go for is the size of your sauna. The internal volume of your sauna will dictate which power heater you will require, as well as whether you have space for a small wall mounted heater, or larger standalone heater. For each of our heaters the power requirement to sauna size guidelines are included within the product spec table. This is typically as follows (but varies model to model so please check the individual product):

buy sauna heater

Bear in mind that 'actual' volume and 'computational' volume of your sauna may differ. The 'actual' volume is simply length x width x height, the 'computational' volume also takes into consideration factors such as how well insulated the sauna is and whether there is a lot of glass used in the design. Saunas with a large amount of glass and/or little insulation will require a more powerful heater. Lack of insulation, such as a barrel sauna can result in as much as 50% extra computational volume. With glass, a rule of thumb is ever square metre of glass adds a cubic metre of computational volume. If you have any question regarding volume calculations, simply contact us and we'll be happy to advise.

We strongly suggest you consult a suitably qualified electrician or electrical engineer for the installation of these heaters. It is worthwhile having an initial consultation to discuss the power output of your home and whether you are able to draw the power needed for the heater, with the existing appliances in your home. Most U.K. domestic power supplies are between 240 and 220 volts, and 60 and 100 amps. This variation depends on a number of factors and is why unless you are suitably qualified yourself, you will need to consult a qualified electrician. Also, if you already have a large load on your domestic supply, a 9 or 10.5 kW heater may trip out the supply.

The cabling within your standard ring main is 16 amps, therefore a dedicated power supply is required from your distribution board, much like an oven or electric shower. A 6.8kW sauna heater will require an approx. 31 amp dedicated supply, a 9kW sauna heater would require an approx. 41 amp dedicated supplies and the 10.5kW sauna heaters approx. 48 amps. An electrician or electrical engineer will recommend the right solution for your individual requirements.

Most homes in the UK will only have a single phase power supply and you would probably be aware if you have access to a 3-phase supply (though it is always worth asking a qualified professional). All our heater models up to 9 kW can function on 3 phase, single phase - 1 neutral (UK) and single phase - 3 neutrals (Norway) with the use of the Narvi N2014E Power Card (see below for more information). 10.5 kW electric sauna heaters require a 3-phase power supply. The larger commercial sauna heaters such as the Narvi Ultra Big will require a specialist dedicated power supply.

All our Narvi and Kota Electric sauna heaters have the option to use alternative control units and power supplies with the exception of the Narvi Steam Ready. We strongly recommend using the Narvi2014E power card, control unit and thermostat kit as it is the quickest, safest and easiest way to install the heaters on the U.K. 230v 1N system with all the necessary elements included. However, the heater is compatible with other standalone control units should you wish. The Narvi NC Electric, Narvi Trio and Narvi Slim electric sauna heaters are now built with these control units integrated. Whilst these heaters can also be sold without should you wish to use a different controller and power card, having the integrated option from the point of manufacture makes the P.S.U. and control unit cheaper to produce and therefore cheaper for you.

We at Finnmark believe sauna should be done in the traditional Finnish way. Following this doctrine, the Finns say that the more stone the sauna heater has, the softer and more pleasant the löyly (sauna steam/sauna atmosphere). From our experience this is very much true, therefore, the answer to this question is: The more the better!

Each heater is different and the amount is included under the "product specification" tab on the product page. We also have the option to buy the heater with stones where we include the required number of sauna stone boxes for your heater with a 5 per box discount when bought together. For more information on how many sauna stones each of our sauna heaters takes, see the sauna stones product page.

All Narvi and Kota electric sauna heaters are designed to have water poured over them. It is not just OK for these heaters, it's actively encouraged. These authentic Finnish sauna heaters are designed to withstand generous ladles of water on to the sauna stones. This is what creates the unbeatable löyly characteristic of all Narvi and Kota heaters. Just make sure you have correctly arranged your sauna stones to ensure the majority of the water evaporates from the stones and minimal water reaches the element.

The latest innovation in sauna bathing is through the use of infrared sauna heaters. Unlike electric sauna heaters or wood sauna stove, infrared sauna panels heat the objects directly not the air. This results in a cooler interior sauna air temperature while still providing the same effects to the body resulting in perspiration. Infrared sauna heaters come in a variety of heating technologies. We believe that carbon fiber sauna heater panels provide the best benefits. Our infrared sauna heaters are available in 110 VAC or 220 VAC options, and you can save by buying complete infrared sauna panel kits that come with the controller.

HUUM heaters are built by using very small amounts of metal so that the heat comes mainly from the stones and only very little from the metal. This way we can maximize the good negative ions from the stones, like in traditional saunas, and keep the positive ions from the metal at a minimum. Together with a high stone capacity this is our secret to healthy, mild and long-lasting steam.

World renowned IKI sauna heaters are at the heart of real Finnish sauna. IKI sauna heaters and stoves are designed and made by hand in Finland, the land of sauna, using the highest quality materials and uncompromising dedication to the trade, following centuries old sauna traditions.

Each IKI sauna stove is made by hand in Finland using high quality materials and uncompromising dedication to the trade. The robust stainless steel mesh frame, the industrial-grade steel pipe, as well as the solid experience of the tradesmen we employ, all work together to guarantee the durability, safety and ageless design.

IKI products are known for their quality, and for creating the most memorable sauna-bathing experience. The characteristic IKI steam is smooth, robust, oxygen-rich, hefty and lingering. Any one can enjoy this experience in a sauna of any size, regardless of time and location.

HUUM sauna heaters stand out with their design that has won international awards, high quality, and the particularly mild and long-lasting steam. The pure Nordic design of the sauna heaters is inspired by nature and unveils the natural beauty of sauna rocks.

As a rule of thumb, heating 1 m of the steam room requires 1 kW of power. When the capacity of the heater is too low, it heats the sauna slowly, does not provide enough steam, and might burn out faster. A heater that has excessive capacity does not cause problems if it is equipped with a thermostat and used correctly.

How long does is take to heat the sauna? If the sauna heater has the right size, it raises the temperature by approximately 10 C within 8 minutes, and heats the steam room to 80 C within an hour.

We recommend using natural and round sauna stones. Our product range includes olivine diabase sauna stones that are light gray, round, durable, and have a high thermal capacity. It is not recommended to use decorative stones in sauna heaters as such stones can easily break.

Whether panel-built or custom-cut and built into the home, indoor saunas transform your space into a home spa. From our Hallmark series to our Designer series rooms, Finnleo saunas are designed to provide an exceptional sauna experience.

From our classic heaters to the latest innovations like BioWater Technique and heaters that pair with the popular SaunaLogic2 control and mobile app, Finnleo can find the perfect match for your sauna.

In the Finnleo pure sauna experience, managing the climate, timing and comfort of your sauna is never a source of stress. Finnleo's deluxe SaunaLogic2 control and mobile app is the latest in smart sauna technology.

Traditional woodburning saunas really go to the heart of the pure sauna experience: the incomparably soft heat, lush hiss of steam and relaxing crackle of a wood-fueled fire... even the ritual of tending the fire.

There are basically two ways to heat a sauna. Traditional saunas rely on a moist heat to achieve the therapeutic benefit, warming the user from the outside in. Newer, infrared saunas create a dry heat, warming users from the inside out.

Traditional sauna heaters include wood-fired, gas and electric models. Sometimes called steam saunas, these raise the temperature of the air around you, causing you to sweat. In an infrared sauna, infrared wavelengths similar to those from the sun warm the user directly.

A steel or cast-iron stove burns wood, transferring the heat to a basket of rocks on top. The warm rocks evenly heat the sauna, creating a nice, soft heat. To add heat and moisture content to the air, sprinkle water across the hot rocks. The resulting steam raises the overall temperature in the sauna.

By far the most common sauna heating element, electric heaters account for an estimated 95% of all sauna heaters. Similar to the wood-fired stove but different than baseboard heaters, electric heaters warm a basket of rocks to raise the ambient temperature inside the sauna. 041b061a72


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