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NEKO NIN ExHeart 3 Free Download PC Game

youll soon notice more submissive girls like shigure and haru are a bit more flirty than the straight-laced yura and tama. in addition to this, the games story gets a bit more plot-driven. the catgirls remain humorous, but they arent the main focus. while we do get yura and tama more time in lighthearted situations, theres also some different romance arcs present. in one of them, we find ourselves invested in haru getting closer to a classmate while hes in high school. an alternate ending is also present where youre left with the question of whether or not yura is a virgin. it seems she isnt a lesbian. more than anything, this release serves as a nice appetizer for fans of fanservice. it wont get all of the newcomers to nekopara accustomed to the atmosphere and atmosphere present in the series, but its more than enough to whet your appetite for more nekopara furry content.

NEKO NIN exHeart 3 Free Download PC Game

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combat routes in the game are set up pretty well. you get to choose your own weapon and one of six special abilities that appears in various places around the battlefield. each of the six has a different effect, but beyond that, youll have to experiment with different attacks and combos to see which one works best in any given situation. changing the direction your character goes is also a good tactic, as each character has their own favorite attack and they will usually follow that strategy for a long time. while not the most complex of combat systems, it works fairly well, as should be expected from a free-to-play game.

the loading times for the game arent too bad, and they are only paused for the aforementioning combat. the game also runs well as far as graphics are concerned, and the character models look good at least. sound quality is average and music is straightforward, but i cant see it being a problem with most modern systems. voice acting, on the other hand, takes a hit with some odd translations. yura was a girl in the game where i came from, but its only suzuki in here, and her localizations are pretty iffy at best. overall, it feels like its one of those japanese games that would sound better if it was localized by a north american publisher. given the previous title, the quality of the english voice acting in this installment probably has something to do with it.


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