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__HOT__ Download Poly Bridge 2 PC Game 2020

The objective of Poly Bridge 2 is building a bridge that is able to take vehicles from place A to place B with materials provided within a limited budget.[1] In addition to the materials that were already featured in Poly Bridge, a new material, the spring, is introduced.[2] The game offers six different worlds which consist of 16 levels each, along with five "challenge worlds" consisting of harder versions of the levels contained in the first five worlds, adding up to a total of 176 levels.[3] The addition of a feature similar to the Steam Workshop allows players to make and upload their own levels for other players to enjoy. This workshop service is hosted on Dry Cactus's servers, making the game compatible with other launchers such as the Epic Games Store, whereas Poly Bridge's workshop was hosted on the Steam Workshop and was thus restricted to the Steam launcher.

Download Poly Bridge 2 PC Game 2020

Poly Bridge 2 is developed and published by New Zealand-based video game developer Dry Cactus, with Canadian composer Adrian Talens returning to compose the original soundtrack.[4] The game was released on Epic Games Store and Steam on 28 May 2020 for Linux, macOS and Microsoft Windows.[5] It released with four regular worlds and four challenge worlds, with two additional normal worlds and one challenge world added on 2 August 2020.[6] A mobile version of Poly Bridge 2 was released 26 October 2020 for Android, and 27 October 2020 for iOS.[7][8]

Russell Archey of Gaming Nexus rated the game 8.5 out of 10. He felt the game was enjoyable and relaxing, and brought him a lot of happiness every time the bridge he built broke and drivers drove into the water.[16]

NEW PHYSICSWe went above and beyond this time, crafting a custom physics engine optimized and fine-tuned specifically for bridge simulations. Accurate and predictable, it guarantees the same simulation outcome for everyone, keeping the competitive aspect of the game alive!

TWITCH EXTENSIONBuild bridges with your favourite streamer! The Poly Bridge 2 Twitch Extension allows viewers and streamers to work together; viewers can design and submit bridges directly to their favourite streamer for them to test in-game! Learn more at

Bridge-building games are not a particularly new concept, even back when Poly Bridge first launched in the summer of 2016. That said, the game won favor with a sizable audience that was attracted to its visual presentation and the ease of jumping in and out of play. Poly Bridge 2 now arrives during the weirdest summer in recent memory, aiming to take our minds off global uncertainty. While it retains the playful appeal of its predecessor, it does not feel like a proper evolution of the original idea and is often hampered by frustrating controls, an unhelpful UI, and little appeal for enthusiasts of actual bridges.

The opening sequences of the game guide newcomers through lying down pavement and the most basic concepts behind bridge design. Using triangles to provide strength is encouraged early and often, though it is never explained why this is the case through text or visuals. The first few levels are easy enough to pass without much thought, but the lack of any meaningful tutorial for some building components or design concepts leads to serious progression issues rather quickly.

Interacting with the UI is still as cumbersome as it was in the first game. My chief complaint is with object interactions and camera panning being tied to the same mouse button. No matter how much I play, I am still continually dragging the viewport around when I want to be manipulating bridge components, compounding the previously mentioned frustrations.

The presentation style of Poly Bridge 2 remains consistent with the first game. This is not a AAA title and was never meant to be. Simple low-poly designs and subdued colors are the name of the game here and do their job admirably. Watching those poor souls drive over a cliff to their deaths is almost always worth a slight chuckle and the game is light enough to run on a calculator watch, making it a strong candidate for a quick pickup game for low-power laptops and the like.

Build bridges with your favourite streamer! The Poly Bridge 2 Twitch Extension allows viewers and streamers to work together; viewers can design and submit bridges directly to their favourite streamer for them to test in-game!

Get Poly Bridge 2 Product Key for free! The Steam key is a collection of 15 numbers and letters that is used to activate a full video game on the Steam platform. Redeem the key on your Steam client to download Poly Bridge 2. 041b061a72


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