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Archipp Tikhonov
Archipp Tikhonov

StatSoft Statistica 10 Enterprise 64 Bit ((LINK))

Operation of the software typically involves loading a table of data and applying statistical functions from pull-down menus or (in versions starting from 9.0) from the ribbon bar. The menus then prompt for the variables to be included and the type of analysis required. It is not necessary to type command prompts. Each analysis may include graphical or tabular output and is stored in a separate workbook.

StatSoft Statistica 10 Enterprise 64 Bit


STATISTICA is a software complex designed for statistical analysis and has a wide range of functions. Among them are thousands of graph types, exploratory analysis of data, correlation analysis, probability calculator, fast basic and block statistics, use of T-criteria (and not only them), non-parametric statistics, covariance and dispersion analyses, application of multiple regression, frequency tables, headings, conjugation and flags, analysis of multivariate responses. In addition to the above functionality of the main block of statistical analysis, the program has additional blocks, such as neural networks, linear and nonlinear models, process analysis and much more.

The purpose of this page is to make users aware of the latest versions andupdates to statistical software that is commonly used at UCLA. A shortlist of free statistical software is provided at the end of this page. Forthe latest updates for those programs, please visit the link provided.


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